Industrial Metal Roofing

Huge Industrial Metal Roofing Projects Require Vast Experience

With their life cycle of 50 years, amazingly sophisticated and varied finishes and the properties of precipitate, rust and fire resistance, metal roofs happen to be the only possible roofing choice for industrial structures.

But a project of this magnitude requires not only ‘good intentions’ on part of the service provider! It also calls for decades of hands on experience and the skills to go with it.

ASG Metal Roofing is your partner of choice for your Industrial Metal Roofing Installation endeavor. Here is why we can ensure that every penny you invest will be worth it:

  1. We understand the vulnerabilities of a roofing assignment. We set up weather barrier systems (WBS) around the chimneys and other protrusions that go through the roof structure ensuring that leakage and seepage are completely eliminated.
  2. We are very well versed with the roofing specifications for industrial structures in Springfield, MA. We can maintain the right slope for your roof to prevent precipitate accumulation and use the right kind of understructure support that makes the installation sound proof and just right the very first time.
  3. We carry full financing and insurance of up to a million dollars for our industrial metal roofing clients. You do not need to bear the full brunt of an up-front payment. Given the 5 decade longevity of regular ASG Galvalume products, your roof will be your own long before it starts showing the first signs of depredation.
  4. Our roofing products absorb heat and bring down HVAC costs. It has been proven that Industrial metal roofing can cut power bills by 20%. This is an advantage that you should not overlook.

Worried about the professional look of your façade? We carry products in the popular 4 rib and lock standing profiles. We also have a large variety of colors and finishes available for a look that is modern and appealing.

Do you think that ASG Metal Roofing products are the right fit for your needs? Call us at 413.754.4550 to speak to our Industrial consultants and build a custom affordable quote for your structure.


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