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Wallet Friendly Metal Roofs for the Perfect Family Homes

ASG Metal Roofing understands your concerns.

You may be worried about the cost of getting a metal roof installed. Maybe you have heard of the stories where service providers do a rush job and then leave an expensive white elephant for the family to contend with!

Maybe you are worried about the comfort factor of your family and the impact on their health. Most metal roofs are crafted of poor quality steel and have high toxic emissivity rates.

Maybe you have a new addition to your family and are worried about the ‘noise’ that metal roofs are famous for making.

And most importantly you appreciate the façade of your home and want to opt for something more sophisticated – like perhaps a cedar shake.

Let us put you at ease and bust some of the myths that confuse prospects looking for residential metal roofing:

  1. Yes metal roofs will cost you more than a regular slate or tile variant. But where a cedar shake shingle starts deteriorating within the first year of installation, a metal roof has a lifecycle of at least 50 years. And considering the long term value, it proves to be more affordable than any other option in the market. ASG Metal Roofing has installed dozens of products for happy customers and it has never had more than one maintenance call every five years. This is our track record. This is our guarantee.
  2. ASG Metal Roofing is one of the few contractors in the state that takes multiple measures to ensure the full safety of you and your family. Our premium products are made of doubly durable Galvalume Steel and are PVDF coated to ensure the lowest toxic emissivity rates possible. Every installation assignment is supervised for strict quality assurance. We not only get it right the first time, we do not leave till we are a 100% satisfied with the integrity of the structure.
  3. ASG Metal Roofing does a thorough job. We bolster the undersurface of your metal roof with proper sheathing. The result? Great sound absorption! You will barely hear a peep out of your new roof.
  4. We stock colors and designs. Who said metal roofs have to be dull and boring? For the savvy buyers of today ASG Metal Roofing offers over 20 custom colors and finishes that can mimic slate, tile, cedar and other popular variants. It is longevity and aesthetic appeal rolled in one.

We stand for durability, customer satisfaction and affordability. If you still have doubts, please get in touch with us at 413.754.4550.

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